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Everyone is saying it. Palm Beach is changing. The old guard is passing its responsibilities to the young and the vital fashion and manners change, the swing is inevitable and it brings with it its Joys and sadness.
Amann has a Princess, a vivacious, young and pretty fair-haired Princess whose talent has already drawn such thoughtful collections as Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Cohen, Dorothea Wakemore, Ed Sullivan, Culan Biddle and Mr.and Mrs. Harris Cohen, whose portraits form the center of the whole exhibition.
Princess Margherita handles every subject with the courage that only the young display but where there is a large menu there is always a speciality and the life studies compete strongly with the portrait for top place in this charming artist's repertoire.
There is a delightful charcoal in one comer of the exhibition of a girl in a full black skirt and a white blouse, the latter delightfully picked out in white ink or gouach, but there is also a charming composition of Or. and Mrs. Stanley Frehling's grandchildren that is softly handled in monochrome, and one wonders how she found such accurate portraiture without the use of a photograph but, however it was achieved, the method does not show, Carol Morgan Hopkins pointed that out! Her landscapes are ethereal and one is held in awe by the sheer abstraction and the thin and delicate colors are soft and pretty, but prettiest of all is the reclining figure in warm monochrome that is displayed In the window of this lively gallery, a painting that demonstrates beyond question that this attractive princess Is in full possession of the knowledge of anatomy of the female body, and enjoys painting this subject with free loose brush strokes that are both deft and surprisingly strong.
The happy spirit of Palm Beach's new young society seems to have adopted the Amann Gallery and I think it makes sense both to keep that mood happy and to maintain a feeling of exclusivity that opening nights are by invitation only.
-John Orr